“Natalia Dyer is perfect for the role of Davina, a dreamy teenager who concocts elaborate fantasies to escape her depressing life. A mood piece that’s more than a little autobiographical, “Unicorns” reaches deeper than the collision of naïveté and experience.” - NYT Critics’ Pick

“Filmmaker Leah Meyerhoff makes a strong impression with her drama about a fantasy-prone teenage girl who mistakes a brooding bad boy for Prince Charming”- VARIETY

“I Believe in Unicorns is one of the most authentic and down-to-earth coming of age stories I've seen in cinema.” - Filmmaker Magazine

“A coming-of-age story about learning about love the hard way, I Believe in Unicorns feels like a teen movie made for an adult audience.” - LA Times

“How this first-time director made one of the most authentic coming-of-age films in recent memory.” - IndieWire

“A dreamy and quirkily twisted coming-of-age story, Leah Meyerhoff’s I Believe In Unicorns has a unique and gently striking style, resulting in an appealing left-field story of teen love, adventure and trauma.” - Screen International


“The performances are strong, the imaginary visions are suggestive and fleeting, and the film as a whole is swoony, tender, skittish, a little scary — in short, this is what young love feels like. More Meyerhoff, please!” - Village Voice

“The film's authenticity sustains itself because of Meyerhoff's creative attention to detail and the small cast's top-notch acting.” - Austin Chronicle

“Refreshing in its sexual frankness and uniquely feminine perspective on young love’s complications, the dreamily evocative Unicorns is a beautiful 16mm nightmare.” - The Skinny

“One of the finds at the SXSW Film Festival was Leah Meyerhoff’s directorial debut “I Believe in Unicorns,” about the aftermath of a 16-year-old girl’s first sexual experience, and the velocity of teenage love.” - Indiewire

“Can the film industry evolve? Ms. Meyerhoff stopped waiting to find out two years ago. That’s when she founded Film Fatales, a collective of female directors that first took shape over dinner in Brooklyn and has led to chapters in nearly 20 cities” - NY Times

“Haunting, and beautiful, and as painful as love can be, "I Believe in Unicorns" left me musing on the power of our personal magic, wondering why we choose to spend it where we do.” - Huff Post

“One viewing of I Believe In Unicorns and it's clear: Leah Meyerhoff has incredible vision. The studied director's unique combination of sensitivity and inventiveness allowed her to turn in the moving Unicorns, a story about a girl who loses herself in her fantasies when her first love turns violent. It's a coming-of-age film unlike any other that debuted at SXSW, and one that should put Meyerhoff on any list of fresh filmmakers to watch.” - Complex Magazine

“With her new film I BELIEVE IN UNICORNS, Leah Meyerhoff has officially arrived. Yet as the front woman for the women-behind-the-camera initiative Film Fatales, she's a seasoned veteran in the fight for balanced rights for female storytellers.” - Tribeca Film

“Indeed, a movement is forming, and it’s a good one. Film Fatales gives female filmmakers a bedrock, a foundation, a jumping off point to make our films and live our dreams.” - Filmmaker Magazine

“We sat down with founder and director Leah Meyerhoff (I Believe in Unicorns) to discuss what’s behind this impressive and revolutionary haven of creatives and troubadours making waves in today’s landscape of independent (and mainstream) cinema.” - The Wild