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In the Pipeline: Leah Meyerhoff (Writer/Director of Unicorns)
by Nicole Emanuele

You don't have to be Julian Assange to get the truth about Leah Meyerhoff. She's not afraid to tell it like it is.

She made a big splash on the film festival circuit with her honest NYU short film Twitch. It was a very intimate and dark film that portrayed disability and love in a new way, her way. She let audiences see her true self at work in the docu-drama series, Film School, directed by Nanette Burstein (Going The Distance). Now Leah is at it again with her first feature Unicorns. About a teenage girl who falls in love with an older guy and finds herself in a destructive relationship, this film, like her last one, stems from Leah's own true experiences.

After a unique childhood that left her more responsible than some adults, Leah went to Brown University to study Art Semiotics and then later studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. She's currently enrolled in NYU's Tisch for a Masters in Filmmaking. Off of Twitch's success Leah teamed up with Heather Rae, producer of Frozen River, and they began to work on Unicorns.

The long process in which this project has come together is a testament to Leah's determination and ability to adapt to struggles. At one point, they were cast (past attachments for the lead include some high profile thesps), financed and ready to shoot. Just when everything seemed too perfect her father became ill. She chose to focus on her family.

When Leah decided she was ready to take a stab at it again, she wanted to do it the way that she knew best, intimately. Now with new financing, she's edited the script to be feasible even on a micro budget and is full steam ahead to shoot in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here's what she had to say when we met up at Café Pick Me Up in the East Village last week.

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